Saturday, June 21, 2008

Raw Meat & Open Fire Kitchens

This is the kitchen in the Lo Lo family's home. The wife is making us a pot of hot water for tea. Typically, this is what is available for the people; possibly supplemented by a propane stove. That was also the kitchen facilities at the Ecolodge in Cao San where we stayed for three nights. There is no electricity, and that means no refrigeration. Typical in the countryside, we also visited a city which shuts off its electric power over the weekend.

This is a photo of the meat counter at the Sin Cheng Market. Meat is butchered and laid out on a table in the open air. Click on the photo to enlarge it. There was one instance in which our guide sent back a meat dish she felt smelled bad, but we commonly ate pork, beef and chicken that must have been purchased at market stalls such as this one. Judy's infectious disease doctor was aghast, and it is true that both of us had to go on Cipro within the first week of our trip. No lasting impact however!

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